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With our R&D department

Internet of Things (IoT), Our R&D department studies the application of sensors in different industrial areas such as agriculture, domotics, Ambient Assisted Living and e-health. We offer a full solution to innovative enterprises that aim to improve their business. From the design and test of suitable IoT prototypes until the personal advising for creation unique industrial devices.

With our enterprise industrial support

Industry 4.0 solutions. From the idea to the bussiness: planning, piloting and deployment. Making the migration to production effective and efficience.

Advice about private existing solutions available in the market encompassing the sensorization of industrial machinery, habitat, smart farms, green houses or smart cities together with cloud computing solutions and big data analisys. We analise the enterpises needs and we can write an action plan for the cloud services they may need. Public, private or hibrid solutions.

Tailored software mobile applications for monitoring our bussiness.

We work in three stages:

Three stages action plan:


Interconection of the production plant (sensorization)


Making the business production processes more transparent. It is important also to know what other departments are doing.


Optimization of the collected data using big-data analisys

With our training

Training regarding ICTs: software programming regarding the most demanded technologies back end and front-end (.NET, Java, Android, PHP and AngularJS).

Networks support including networks of Internet of things. We work with different devices for prototype and testing such as ARDUINO, Raspberry Pi or ESP32.

E-learning, we are experts in Learning Management Systems that will support the online training.

School courses about Science, Technology.

Engineering and Mathematics (STEM): we plant the seed of future engineers and creative skilled workers and better human being. We offer onsite courses about robotix and 3D printing for primary and secondary schools.

With our european consulation

Consulting services for internazionalization of enterprises. Experts in programmes such as Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020. We support organizations in planning and developing applications before submission, and are open to consider such a role within a consortia. Should a project be successful, we often identify ourselves with operational roles such as project implementation, management support, coordination, valorization, monitoring and evaluation and dissemination of the results.

Experts in the Quality Assurance for VET framework to promote better vocational education and training by providing authorities with common tools for the management of quality. We can offer our support in making your training centre and qualifications European through our knowledge in European credit systems for VET and Higher education.

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